·        Guarding - Residential and Commercial Estates
·        Dog Unit – Dog patrols on Residential and Commercial Estates
·        Training Facility
·        Trained dog and handler teams for Africa
·        Crime Prevention
Client Base:
WSC (Wildlife Security Consultants) will concentrate on the following areas:
·        Residential Estates
·        Residential Communities
·        Industrial Estates
·        Business Communities
·        National Key Points
·        Wildlife Security 
Recruits will be evaluated with a minimum requirement being a Grade 12 certificate and Grade C, PSIRA certificate. From here the recruits will undergo grueling fitness assessments and theoretical training in South African Law to qualify for the guarding division and to be considered for extensive dog handler training. The dog unit will be a specialized crime prevention unit.
The members will be trained on the following:
·        Urban Terrorism
·        Crime Prevention techniques
·        Explosives
·        Narcotics
Risk Assessments:
Risk Assessments will be done for every client before security duties start. Security personnel will be trained on site to create a professional service. Every member will receive training on a regular basis, ensuring the best possible standard of service delivery.
Monthly and incident reports will be done for every client and feedback on any crime in the area.
Breed: German Sheppard and Belgian Malinois will be fully trained in criminal work (patrol dog), and explosives / narcotics.
The dogs will receive the following training:
·        Obedience
·        Apprehending of suspects
·        Bush and building searches
·        Tracking of suspects
·        Attack work (with handler) 

Sheep dogs & Golden Retriever will be trained especially for narcotics, Rhino horn, Ivory and abalone. These breeds have a very gentle personality and are extremely intelligent. 

Mission Statement:

WSC (Wildlife Security Consultants) is going to create a new dimension in crime prevention in South Africa. This will be done with highly trained members and a management team focusing on prevention & combating of urban terrorism, as well as securing of national key points.

Providing the community with trained specialized dog and handler teams and securing the residential and commercial environment is part of our passion.

The aim is to limit crime by assisting government agencies and ensuring the safety of all South Africans in residential communities and retail centers.    

WSC (Wildlife Security Consultants) is the brainchild of Stephan Kotze, who was a unit commander of a specialized dog unit in the Former Transkei in the late 1990’s. Creating a new dimension in crime prevention and securing our wildlife and general public is a passion.