We need to ask ourselves the following key questions:

·        What happens with an Anti-Poaching Unit after their training?
·        What training did the Anti-Poaching Unit receive?
·        Who will be managing the Anti-Poaching Unit after the training?
·        Is the Anti-Poaching Unit Commander or Manager qualified?
·        What is the Anti-Poaching experience volume of such a Unit?
·        What is the average age of your Anti-Poaching Unit?
·        What were the training costs of your Unit?

It is an unfortunate fact that 80% of Private Game Reserves are training young men and woman under the age of 25 years. In some cases, young men under the age of 20 years. In South Africa we have units with absolutely no previous experience.

We want to fill that gap. Train the Private Game Reserve Managers on how to manage their units. Provide Private Game Reserves with their own Anti-Poaching Units, advance training in combatting poaching.